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Friday, February 12, 2016

Beautiful Anakin

Look at my beautiful boy this morning!! I really can tell he's pretty much back to his normal self and feeling much better! He's back to running in the bathroom whenever I go on that side of the house. He knows when I go over there he gets a few pieces of the other cats dry food as a treat! He had not been doing this since he was sick. After talking with the vet this morning & my observing Ani some more we think the best course of action for his twitching is to watch & wait. I think it's just going to fade away with time till it stops completely and my vet thinks so too. Honestly today the twitching seemed to be much less than yesterday so far. However if for some reason it does get worse we will go from there and see what we need to do for him. Thank you again for all of your well wishes & love for my gorgeous lil man!!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Anakin had bloodwork today...

Anakin's bloodwork done this morning all came back normal. They checked everything, Liver enzymes, white cells, red cells, electrolytes, glucose, kidneys, thyroid, etc.... it was a full wellness panel. The only thing out of range was his Total Protein, the range goes to 3.9 and Anakin's is 4.0. She didn't think that was an issue thought. So they don't think that anything on the bloodwork is a part of this shivering jerking motion that Ani is doing. We also decided yesterday to take his cone off too and so far he's really happy it's off and not irritating himself at all. Both vets are going to do some research tonight and see if they can figure out anything about why Anakin is having this twitching. Hopefully that can come up with something. Ani goes back to the vet on Monday to get a UTI recheck, with his white cells being so good on his bloodwork they really think the infection is gone. But we want to be sure, better safe than sorry. Here's a short video of Ani twitching this morning. He isn't doing this all day long. The twitching comes and goes at random times. I really hope that it's just some weird residual effect from all the meds he's been on that will just fade away and stop soon on its own.
Thank you all for the well wishes!!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Anakin 's feeling much better :)

I spoke to the vet this morning about his twitching (it's really more like a shiver and then a jerk.) She thinks the same thing that I do that this is just one of the ways he responds to pain. So I am to continue his pain meds if & when I think he needs it. He had a dose of pain meds at about 5 am because he was twitching that should have worn off at about 5 Pm tonight. The good news is I haven't seen any twitching sense this morning! Ani took his last dose of antibiotics tonight. I will check with the vet about when to bring him to retest him for his UTI to make sure it is gone. I can really tell a difference in how he feels today. He seems like he's much better! Here's a picture of Ani getting ready to attack my hand on the bed. Thank you so much for all of the well wishes for Anakin!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Ani has had a minor setback..

 Ani had a minor setback Saturday but is doing better today. I think he must've really made his boy parts sore Friday while I had his cone off. Saturday morning he didn't want to eat very much and was twitching again like he was in pain. I gave him some of his pain medicine and Saturday night he seems much better. He ate his dinner and Peed and I gave him another pain medicine that night. Same this morning seemed fine all day but I didn't give him any pain meds. Tonight he is twitching again. I'm going to give him another pain med if he's still twitching after dinner and talk to the vet in the morning. This is the only symptom he has so I'm not sure if it's just because he is still hurting some or something else. Other than the twitching he's acting fine. I'll keep you all posted.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Ani is getting better....

 Anakin update. A quick trip to the vet this afternoon and Ani pooped & she doesn't think he's constipated at all. So all is well! She also said we could try him without his cone since he's looking so much better down there. I tried him without his cone for a while when we got home. He was cleaning like crazy for a while then took a nap. However a little while ago he was aggressively cleaning down there and growling. So he's not completely healed yet. That's got to hurt too like rubbing sandpaper on a burn. I put the cone of courage back on and started putting ointment on him again. We'll try again in a few days. As for everything else...eating, drinking & peeing is all back to normal. Here's Ani attempting to clean himself yesterday with the cone on. He's licking the inside of the cone for most of it but he can reach part of his tail and his toes!! I can't seem to post the video her but it's on his facebook here, Thanks everyone!!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Ani Update...

 Ani Update, Anakin is peeing regularly and taking a normal amount of time to go now. He is still eating and drinking too but only eating about half to three fourths his normal amount of food. He's still getting ointment so the cone stays on for now. Ani still has not pooped yet. The vet thinks it may be due to the pain meds slowing his gi track. I am taking him off those pain meds unless I think he is hurting. I am also putting his lactulose & catlax back in his food to see if that will help him go. If he hasn't gone by noon tomorrow. The vet wants to see him to check thinks out. He's acting fine and I have not seen him try to go. Maybe be since he's eating a little less it's just taking longer for it to get through is slowed down system? I'll keep you all posted! Thank you for everything! Here's Ani saying, "Mom! Stop talking about my privates & poop & pee to all the people online! It's embarrassing!!" & I tell him to hurry up and poop and I will!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Great News on Anakin!

 Anakin is doing Great! Still wearing the cone until he doesn't need ointment on his hind-end though. He doesn't seem to mind the cone much. He sleeps, gets around & even climbs fine with it on. Here’s Ani this morning saying in his best Will Smith, Men In Black voice... "I make this look good!". More Great News... Ani peed this morning on his own too!! Yay! Normally it does take him a good 1-2 minutes to go but this morning it took him about 4-5 minutes to pee and he did kind of jump a few times while he was going. He is still just really sore down there. Hopefully as he continues to heal the pee time will come back down to his normal 1-2 minutes. Now I am on poop watch since he has not gone since Monday afternoon when he had diarrhea at the vet. I am to call them in the morning if he doesn't go today and we will see what she wants to do about that to get him back on his normal pooping routine. He wants to take a bath so bad but with the ointment he is not allowed to lick he can not have a both yet. He doesn't care for me putting the ointment on him either. So it’s better if he doesn’t know it’s coming, I just sneak up on him when he is laid out sleeping and put it on before he even knows what's happened! I have been taking his cone off for him to eat but keeping him from licking himself. I will let you all know how he is doing tomorrow & thank you all so much for all for your love and support! You all are the very best!!