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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New Video! Anakin Climbs The BIG Cat Condo, Two Legged Cat Conquers 6 Foot Tower

Anakin tackles our 6 Foot cat Condo with ease! He can climb from the bottom to the top perch in no time! He likes to use the outside posts to climb up and sharpen his claws. He loves to take his afternoon naps up on one of the high perches. Ani also has no problems jumping back down to the floor. Anakin just keeps getting more amazing! Please feel free to share Anakin's videos with your family & friends! :)


  1. Leslee in TennesseeOctober 3, 2012 at 8:09 PM

    He is the most precious little feller! That's quite a tower they have, and they're all enjoying it. Ani IS amazing! God love him!!! Thanks for sharing you video, life with Ani, and for loving, caring, protecting him, and giving him such a happy home!

  2. Anikin is a truly amazing and special cat and I love your art table!

  3. Love this video! This little guy can climb anything he wants to climb. The best thing, nobody tells him he can't do it. Way to go, Ani! Purrs, Kathy

  4. Oh My Cat!
    Little Anakin really gets around. George seems like such a good cat pal too! Wonderful!
    It is really interesting to watch him get down and balance.

  5. Did that post?
    Go go go Anakin!
    Purrs dood!

    1. Yep they all get to me :) I just have them set up so I have to approve them because i get a lot of spam messages through here ;)Thank you so much Timmy Tomcat! :D