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Friday, March 1, 2013

New Photo ~ Zoe is feeling much better

Zoe's Grumpy Cat Face
Yeah, it doesn't look like it from this photo. The is an older picture (Dec. 2012) and this is why we call her Grumpy Zoe :) She makes this face a lot. She was woken up from her nap up on the cat tower & I took her pix. Such a grumpy face! She really is a happy cat, I promise! She loves me to pieces, purrs & makes happy feet on my bed every morning! I'm happy to say Zoe is back to eating like normal and has not thrown up at all since Monday morning. She's still not at 100% but we are getting there! Thank you for all your love and support for my sweet grumpy old gal :)


  1. So glad Zoe is better. I think she looks very regal. After all, she is the head of the fur babies!!

  2. Ah, she doesn't look grumpy, this is her look of "Supreme Catness" earned by long life and wisdom like the Spinx. So glad she is doing well again! You go, girl! We gals are with you! Love, hugs and purrs, Kathy