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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Prezzies for Anakin, Mika & the Gang

Anakin Two Legged Cat Presents from Friends
Some BIG Thank yous!! Anakin, Mika and the Gang have received some wonderfully sweet and thoughtful gifts over the past few months. I finally got a photo of them with Anakin to share :) Thank you sooooo much to Deanna from Nevada for the great CatNip Cyclone (soon to be in a video! Anakin & the Gang LOVE this toy!!), a cute collection of toy mice, Kitty Wipes, Neato Laser pointer, Calming Spray and a Gift card to Petsmart (This covered Anakin's food for almost 7 weeks!)! Also Thank you sooooo much to Mary Jane and all of the teachers at The Goddard School for Early Childhood Development in Maryland for their wonderful donation to my account at Ani's Vet to help cover Anakin & Mika's medical expenses. Thank you sooo much to Christine, Maxwell and Samuel from Pennsylvania for the adorable postcard! Last but definitely not least Thank you soooo much to Edytha, Faith & Pepper from Canada for the super cute crafty Anakin necklaces and pendants made by Edytha and her company eBar Designs. They are just beautiful! Anakin has the Best Friends!!


  1. Such a handsome fellow. Thank you for taking your fur babies in and keeping us informed about them.