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Friday, October 25, 2013

Mika's Trip to the vet today.

Mika's Trip to the vet today
Mika had a trip to the vet today. It seems earlier this week he injured his pointy nub leg. I'm not sure exactly how it happened but I think George may have bit or scratched it when the were playing too rough.. The tip of Mika's nub has a little hole. I had been cleaning it all week hoping it would just heal on it's own. Well it didn't and I didn't want to go through the weekend without getting it checked since it looked a little red. Our vet said he has a little infection in the end of the nub. She cleaned it really well and shaved some of the fur off of that leg so the fur won't stick to it. Mika is on a pill antibiotic and also a gel antibiotic. He will be getting both twice a day. She said there is no way to wrap it in bandages and it would be best to keep it open anyway so that it can drain. I will be bringing him back next week if it doesn't get 100% better after the meds. Mika is such a good boy at the vet. He just purred and rolled around on the examining table. He is such a mellow guy, nothing bothers him. His little nub does look strange all shaved, kind of like a chicken wing. Anakin does not like how Mika smells right now and has been hissing and avoiding him all evening. I'm sure that won't last long though. I'll keep you all posted on how he's doing ok!


  1. I hope Mika's infection clears up without any trouble - I am sending purrs his way. I'm like Ani, I get really mad at the other cats here when they get back from the vet. It's so bad with me that if she can, my human brings me along with the other cat, and then sprinkle both our carriers with catnip to disguise that awful vet smell.

  2. Mika, hope you are feeling better soon. It's great you are so well behaved at the vet's. My cat is not exactly Mr. Nice when he goes in for his check ups or problems!
    Happy Caturday to everyone at your home.