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Thursday, October 31, 2013

New Photos! Happy Halloween!! Love, Anakin, Mika & Trixie

Anakin The Two Legged Cat & Mika Halloween 2013
Happy Halloween!!! Love, Anakin & Mika! AKA My Halloween Helpers  Here are The Boys helping me make a creepy dummy for our front yard decorations....

Trixie Halloween 2013
Trixie then decided that Mr. Creepy Dummy was her new best friend and the purrrfect nap lap :) Happy Halloween!!!


  1. Happy Halloween to Ani, Mika, Trixie, and the rest of the fur babies, as well as the humans at your house, Carrie!! These pics are just precious. So great that they are not frightened by Mr. Creepy Dummy! Ani and Mika look as if they have just attacked him--so, so cute!