Sunday, February 16, 2014

Anakin's New Business Cards, Late Valentines!

Anakin's New Business Cards! I think Ani likes them! That is the front and the back of the card. They really are much clearer and easier to read than this pix shows. I still have about 200 left of his Kitten Cards to give out too.
I thought I had posted this here! Better late than never! .... Happy Valentine's Day! Xoxo! Love, Anakin


  1. Love the business cards! Ani is so cute checking them out!
    And a Happy Valentine's to all of you; it doesn't matter if it's late!! Hope you all had a good one.

  2. Meet Anakin! Ani is a two legged cat, born without a pelvis or back legs but that doesn't stop him. He is full of love & life! My family and I rescued Anakin and I am caring for him.
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