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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday Anakin!

Happy 2nd Birthday Anakin!! You're grown to be such a handsome adult cat! We all love you so much! In honor of Ani's Birthday today, I will be sharing some of my most favorite Anakin Pixs and Videos from the passed two years. Please feel free to share and repost your favorites too! :) #happybirthday #birthday #2ndbirthday #weeklyfluff #happy_pet #ilovemycat #anakintwolegs #cat


  1. stopping by two wish ewe a veree happee day ♫♪♫
    hope ewe get lotz oh cake & mice creem & ENJOY !!

  2. Happy Birthday, Ani, most handsome prince!! Hope this has been a terrific day for you. Best wishes, not only for today's birthday, but for many more to come.

  3. Hope you celebrated royally today, Ani, you handsome fellow! When I think of what might have happened if Carrie didn't see you and felt you had to become part of her family, you probably wouldn't have been here. We all thank your mommy for all she has done to make you the most adored Kitty Prince in the world today! Love, hugs and purrs, Kathy