Sunday, August 7, 2016

Waiting for Breakfast

Anakin staring me down till I get up and feed him breakfast 😊


  1. Now, Ani, that is what I would call a pitiful look! You appear to be saying, "Mom, please get up; I am so hungry." And, I must add: handsome as ever!!

  2. Replies
    1. Mika is doing great! Thanks for asking :) I've posted a few recent little videos of him on Instagram that i couldn't get to post here.

    2. Aw, I looked at the videos. Sweet kitty. I can't join instagram because it is only for cellphones and I don't have a cell phone believe it or not but for whatever reason I can still see these short clips that keep repeating.

      Hope you guys aren't getting too wet in Florida.

    3. Thank you! That's great :) I'm so glad you can see the little instagram videos.

      It was raining almost everyday for a little while. It seems to be rainging less now though