Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Tigerpixie Fantasy Cat Art - Cat Lady Box Featured Artist!

I know many of you follow my Fantasy Cat Artwork But for those of you that don't or missed it I wanted to share the good news! 😸
🎃 I am honored to share that my "Halloween Black Kitty" is the postcard image for the October @catladybox Cat Lady Box's Featured Cat Lady Artist! The October box's theme is Black Cats so my little kitty fits Purrfecty! This box includes a beautiful shirt with a cat silhouette, vintage style black cat bracelet, gem cat ears headband, black cat pen, a coupon and two kitty toys a black cat & a ghost. Cat Lady Box is a monthly subscription. You can sign up to get your own awesome kitty box at http://CatLadyBox.com 😺 More about my Fantasy Cat Art at https://Tigerpixie.com 🎨 


  1. Carrie, congratulations!! That is awesome, but with your talent, it is a well-deserved honor.


  2. Congratulations! We are friends with Dorian and we are proud of how well she is doing with her Cat Lady Box! Now we are proud of you too.