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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Kittens! Bo & Luke supervised playpen time

Kittens! Bo & Luke supervised playpen time. I really like this playpen. It's a portable popup and big enough to sit in with them. Anakin discovered the babies. He was curious but not that interested. Mika had been a little hissy & growling when he smells their sent on me. Trixie & Pixie have been like Ani. So far so good! The kittens aren't staying here so none of my cats will be having physical contact with them. This is probably the most they will see them is in the playpen now and then. *** I can't post the videos on here so you can see them on Anakin's Twitter, Instagram or Facebook page


  1. It is so entertaining to watch Bo and Luke play. It has been a long time since I have kittens in my home. Ani looks as if he wonders what "they" are doing there!
    Bet it will be difficult to part with the little babies.
    Happy Easter to the Hawks family, and a very Happy Birthday to Mr. Ani on Saturday.

    1. Thank you Sandy :) Happy Easter to you too! It won't be too bad since they are just going to my mom's house & I can see them whenever I want.

  2. Kittens are always fun and more so the younger