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Friday, July 7, 2017

Anakin Update! Antibiotics for a UTI

 Anakin Update! He's on antibiotics because his urinalysis indicated a UTI. That's probably why he was dribbling pee too. He's already feeling better and dribbling less. He's less irritated on his backend so I've taken the cone off & he is much happier. I've gotten 3 kinds of treats to try... Urinary heath that has D-mannose in it, a calming formula and also an immunity health treat. They are all made by VetriScience. I will begin trying them one at a time with him once he is done with his antibiotics. Thank you again to everyone for your love & support! It means a lot to us! Here's a longer video of Anakin taking a bath.


  1. Carrie, so happy the antibiotics are helping and that Ani is already feeling better. He is just precious taking his bath. That must make him feel better as well as not having to be surrounded by his cone. He is such a little trouper. So glad he has such a wonderful family to take care of him; he is truly blessed, as are we in that you share him with us!
    Happy Caturday tomorrow!!

  2. I'm so glad to hear that Anakin's finally feeling better!