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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Hi from Anakin! Holiday Sale!

Anakin says hello from the top of the couch 😊❤️ He loves to climb up there and lay down. Sorry for my lack of posts lately I’ve been really busy with my art, family & holiday stuff too. If you want to check it out I’m having a sale. My fantasy cat art, jewelry & Gifts on my website are 20% off through Saturday, December 16. 


  1. Ani, good to see you! That is the cutest expression; bet he is thinking about the toys and treats he wants Santa Paws to bring!!

    1. Hi Sandy! Thank you :) Haha! He gets treats everyday. I bet he's hoping on something different from Santa Paws. I'll have to surprise them all.

  2. Anakin you are soooo handsome
    You have a big floofy tail like my brofur Einstein
    Meowy Chrispmouse
    Timmy and Family

    1. Thank you so much Timmy & Family! I hope you all have a great Christmas too. xoxoox! :D