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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New Photo ~ Anakin got his cone off! :)

Anakin got his cone off! Yay!

WooHoo! Anakin's cone is off! :) I took Ani to the vet this morning and she thought his lil bum looked great & that there is no swelling at all. She talked with the other vet there and they both agreed that Anakin's stitches should stay in place. They aren't bothering him and the longer they are in the more time he has to completely heal up. The stitches his has are dissolving stitches like they use for spay surgeries and will dissolve and fall out on their own in another week or so. He is to stay on the same A/D critical care canned food, probiotics, lactulose & catlax right now and we are going to slowly switch him over to another high quality low bulk canned food and continue with the lactulose & cat lax. She did think it would be fine to take the cone off so I took it off when we got back home. Here's lil man checking out his cone. Of course he had to smell it! Then he proceeded to climb up the cat condo and take a full body bath! He's been wanting to bathe himself so bad! He's a happy clean lil boy now :) Thank you so much for all of your well wishes & support. You guys are amazing!!


  1. Yea Ani! No more "cone of shame"! Glad he is doing well and healing so nicely. Here is to no new problems. I think he has had more than his share already! Go Ani, Go Ani, It's you're freedom day, It's your freedom day!!

  2. That's great news,bet he's glad to get the cone off!really hope he has no more problems.He's so lucky he found a home with you Carrie.
    Hugs for Ani! X

  3. ConCATulations Ani! You have come so far, are such a strong, resilient boy! Your Mommy takes such good care of you, thank you for giving him a chance at life. Special needs kitties rule! <3<3<3

  4. YAY !!!! now ya can get bak ta fightin that chair in troo fashion buddy....

    CONE LEZZ !!!!

    1. Yep, you know it! That's the first thing he did this morning ... chase his tail!! :)

  5. So glad Ani is doing well! No more cone - yah!! But he was without a doubt the handsomest kitty ever in a cone!!

  6. great news! it's so hard to see you're little furry kids having a tough time, so i'm really happy for both of you that he's on the mend. that little guy's got lots of love at home and lots of fans out here routing for him.