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Sunday, August 19, 2012

New Photo ~ Anakin in the Hidey-Hole

Anakin wearing his cone hanging out in thye hidey hole

Anakin had a relaxing weekend of getting better & healing :) (He's doing great!) Here's Lil Ani hanging out in the Hidey-Hole of the Cat Condo. Yes he can get in & out of there even with the cone ;) He found a carpet string hanging inside (That's what he's looking at) So I had to cut that off, so he didn't chew it off & eat it.


  1. So glad Anakin feeling better,been thinking about him all weekend.Hope he gets on ok at vet this morning.
    Love and hugs to him!

  2. meowloz wee dood, glad ya hada grate week oh end N veree hapee ta lurn ewe R doin WAY better...

    yur new condo iz rockin; hope ya getted a full lee stocked refrigerator ta put on de top floor; just in case ya knead a slite snak ya noe !!

    happee day two all