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Thursday, August 2, 2012

New Video! Anakin playing Attack Peek-a-Boo with George

Anakin playing Attack Peek a Boo with George, Anakin LOVES to play with his buddy George! Here they are playing Anakin's favorite game, "Attack Peek-a-Boo". As you can see Ani is the one starting it all & keeps coming back for more. George isn't quite sure what to make of little Anakin bounding out at him from under the bed. The sweet ending shows they really are becoming best buds.


  1. He looks like the "normal" kitten that he is in the new video. So cute and playful. Glad he has such a great buddy to play with. What a very special little guy!

  2. What a great video and so nice at the end when George is washing him!

  3. Ani is really putting holes in that bed ruffle. Who cares about holey bed ruffles when you have such a cutie around?

    1. Yes he is! LOL! But I love my cats more than my furniture ;) So it's all good.