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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Update! Anakin's Pee Problem

Update! Thank you again for all of your help & suggestions for Anakin's pee issues. I posted an updated with more info in my original post. Starting with suggestions off of my list, I added a second litter box just like the first to see if lil Anakin is a 2 box kind of guy. One for poop, one for pee? I also took up his bedding and soft toys for now so he won't pee on them. So far he has pooped in the new box & peed in the old box. Hmmm very interesting. I thought it might of gone the other way around. So I'll see what he does next, If he continues to use the same box for each or not. If this doesn't work I'll move on to more of your suggestions from the list I've made ;) Thank you again for all of your help. You guys are the best! Now I'm off to go work on a new Anakin Video to post later today! Yay! :)


  1. I'm just glad he can pee! 1 of my 7 can't and I have to express him 2x a day. But he is so wonderful, I will do it for the rest of his life no matter how long. Totally love Ani, you guys are so great!

    1. Me too but I would do the same as you if he need it!! :) Thank you!

  2. This is great news. He may want to have separate boxes to do his business. I didn't even think of that as a possibility! Sure hope this keeps up.

  3. I just had time to read about this problem.

    Since this is a problem he has had all along it may be a learned behavior. He may have had a nice something or other that he and his siblings used for pee. They most likely used a different spot for poops. Although the Poops are used for marking territory, middening, this is very specific behavior that comes from anxiety. It does not look this this little fellow is anxious at all. He is safe and knows it.

    That said this may be a bit of marking. Hey big cats! Keep off my spot. Pee is the best marker if you are a cat.

    Seeing that there may be several causes from this limited vantage point I can suggest a possible way to teach a new behavior. I have used with Fosters to great success.

    The Foster training tool is a small crate to keep our little guy in over night. He should also be in there when he is not out exercising and playing.

    The one I used for this is about 28x20. I have a big 48x32 crate for socializing litters but if one kitty is having a problem this is too large and I would put him in the smaller one.

    In the crate I use a brownie pan for training kitties. It should go in the corner away from the water and food dishes.

    For Anakin I would use a 9x13. These fit a folded newspaper perfectly for the absorbent bit. 4 small binder clips, like for a sheaf of documents, hold the newsprint during kitty digging. All you need is a hand full of litter in the middle and let Anikin go for it.

    It is really easy to clean too. Just take the clips off, fold the newsprint up and discard, wipe and re-do the paper and litter. A clean kitty pan ready to go.

    It has never taken more than a week for my problem kits to use the pan instead of where sleep and eat. I think it is the food more than where they sleep. I do feed them in the crate. It makes it so much easier to pop them back in there after exercise and play time.

    Come out to Hunt and Catch. Pop a can and they would climb over each other to get back into the crate to Eat, Groom, Sleep. Since I had them from very small I gave them a little wipe after meals to stimulate them. I would do each in turn and then put them in the pan. They would start digging and go right away. Very cute and effective too. Animin may respond to a wipe. You are never too old for Mom to pay attention.

    As a last thing. He may hate cleaners. Just use a drop of baby shampoo and water to give his pans a quick wipe. They do not have to be laboratory clean. Maybe a bit of his own smell will help things along.

    Thanks for helping this great little fellow and letting us in on his antics.

    My prints came and are out for framing. Very nice. They will be purrfect for my minor remodel of the living room.

    Pete (Timmy's Dad)