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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Update~ Mika's Vet Visit Today.

Cat Leg Bones Chart showing Mika's Back Legs
Back from Mika's vet trip and everyone loves him. This was just and exam since he already had all of his testing and shots from the shelter. He weighs 6 pounds. My vet agrees that Mika is possibly a year old maybe more like 9 months old. That would make him almost the exact same age at Anakin. She thought he looked great. She did clean out his ears some. They also did a worms/parasites test on him just to be sure it was clean. Well all know the last thing I need is more worms/parasites going around in this house! She doesn't think I need to put him through getting a bath, that just a good brushing would be all he would need.  She took a really good look at Mika's back legs & tail and felt all over them both. Here's what we are dealing with, He has about 3/4 of his tail. His right back leg is only missing the foot, he has the whole leg, femur, knee, tibia, fibula, all the way down to the two metatarsal bones. Then it's like those two metatarsus bones are cut in half. Then on his left back leg, he has his femur and knee but only half of his tibia bone and that's it. My vet thinks we can try a prosthetic foot bootie on the right leg. So I'm going to look into that. We also think there is no way to put anything on the little tibia of the left leg. There is just not enough there to attach anything to. It does bother him a little bit though, after all it's just skin over bone, no padding at all. She thinks if we can get him a comfortable bootie for the right leg he probably won't use the left leg at all and just walk on three legs. Maybe something like this?
My vet also says we do not want to amputate the left leg unless it is really necessary, like due to infection or sores. She worries about phantom limb pains in animals just like people would get. So amputation would be an absolute last resort. I have some antibiotic cream to put on the skin of his nubs each night for added protection. I am due to bring him back next Tuesday for his last shot and my vet is going to do a few xrays then too just to confirm what bones he has and maybe be able to tell if he was born this way or if it's possible that his mother ate his missing parts or if it was a trauma. She doesn't think it was a trauma since there isn't any scar tissue. Right now Mika is taking a nap in my son's room. Earlier today Anakin did come over and sit by the baby gate again. There was still hissing but not quite as much. Oh and George has already been licking & grooming Mika! :)


  1. Oh poor thing. I hope he has no current discomfort or too much discomfort. Maybe you can try those ace bandages where is actually sticks onto eachother just to give Mika a little extra padding. Good luck and thank you for adopting Mika. I hope Anakin comes around soon. :)

  2. Not sure if you have seen this, it may give some information or food for thought.

  3. Maybe George will take care of that bathing issue? :)
    I'm so happy to hear Mika is doing well! Love to all from Pharaoh, Moses and Okun!

  4. What a nice little kitty. Wishing the best for Mika Mom and family. Yes that means you Anakin!

  5. Carrie -

    Check out the organization "Leggings for Life". They match up people who crochet or knit leggings for kitties who need protection on their limbs.

    All your kitties are so fortunate to have you!

    Mary Jane

  6. So glad the vet's checkup went well! What a guy George is! Taking care of Mika that way! Love it! I sure hope Ani will grow to bond with him as well! Carrie, God's blessings be poured on you for what you love and are doing! Love, hugs and purrs, Kathy