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Friday, April 26, 2013

Anakin is in the Amazecats Feline 4! Ani's 1st Birthday Video on Life With Cats!

Anakin has made it to the Feline 4 of the AmazeCats Next Top Cat Contest!
Thank you so much to all of Anakin's Friends! You all have helped Ani stay in this competition :) ALL of these cats are winners! I am honored to know them & their humans and appreciate everything they do to bring awareness to their special needs, shelters & charities, etc. Cats & Cat People Are Awesome!! :)

Anakin's 1st Birthday Video is on Life With Cats
"Has it really been a year? Lively miracle kitty Anakin, born without a pelvis and hind legs, celebrated his first birthday this month. A sweet new video retells his story as it looks back on that special year."


  1. Concatulations, Anakin! You are right - all the kitties in the competition, and especially the final four, are winners and do great things for other kitties! That said, you have my human's vote in the next round!

  2. LOVE Anakins Birfdayz video!

    He is such a nice little guy and so full of life and love. I really like calling his protection the Collar of Courage as this really says it all!

    He is an ambassador for all cats and especially those who may be a bit different.

    Thank You Carrie and Family
    Thank You Anakin and Furmaly