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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Anakin & our dog Buddy

Anakin & our dog Buddy... I've been working with them both so they can get used to each other. Most nights now I've been holding Anakin on my lap on the couch and having Buddy right there, petting them both at the same time. Anakin would hiss & hiss at Buddy every time he's move his head. The last few nights the hissing has gotten to be a lot less. Today I have Anakin out in the Living room and have brought Buddy out and have him in the Kitchen. It's blocked off from the Living room but they can still see each other. So far so good. Anakin is just watching Buddy a little & going about playing in the Living room. Buddy doesn't care either way. He's used to being around so many cats since he was a puppy. The next step will be having them both in the same room. I will keep Buddy's leash on him & keep him right near me though. That's won't start until I think they are ready though. I don't have any pictures of Anakin & Buddy together yet but here's a picture of George & Buddy sharing the couch. George had only be with us a week or so when this picture was taken :)

George our black cat & Buddy our dog

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