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Monday, July 16, 2012

A note from Anakin's Grandmother...

This is Ani's Grandmother and I wanted to share with you a post I came across just now. What Louise and her family have done by adopting a special needs kitty from their local shelter is exactly what Anakin represents. Ani is a cute kitty with special needs that was found by my daughter, who is the best kitty lover ever! But Carrie and I hoped that by sharing Ani's story with the world, his message would be to embrace the special fur babies and show them love and kindness by adopting the "less then perfect" animal. That they can be the most wonderful of pets. And it is amazing that Louise has done this. And I have read 100's of post from others that have "less then perfect" animals in their lives and are also Angels of the fur babies. Bless you all! And here is Louise's story.............

Louise Summers-Worrall..... Inspired by Anakin and your family, I have contacted my local Cat Protection and am giving a kitty a forever home. Her name is India. She is just 11 months old, and due to a difficult birth had to have a leg removed. My husband, my six cats and six guinea pigs and me, are looking forward to welcoming her to her new home very soon

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