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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Anakin on The Animal Rescue Site!

Anakin is featured on @TheAnimalRescue ( The Animal Rescue Site ) :) I love that site! I have been getting their daily click emails to give animals food for years. I know they called Ani a she & that's ok. It happens a lot. He is just such a purrrty boy! I also hear he is in their "Cute Dispute" but I don't know where to find that on their site.


  1. dood !! we give yur mewvie a 100 trout ree view !! what that meenz iz yur videe oh iz grate N yur mom kneads ta give ewe 100 trout slices :) her better get ewe a new chair two coz ya shirley dinna like de buttons on that other one huh !!!

    1. LOL! So true!! :D Anakin is after the buttons again in his new video I posted today!

  2. He won Cute Dispute with the kitty condo video. Can't see who he competed against but on the "Cute Dispute" FB page now it shows he was the winner for yesterday! Yay Anakin! :)

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    2 Legged Rescue Kitty!

    Against all the odds, she's grown up to be a playful, happy, strong and lovable kitty!

  3. Well done Anakin! You are so cute!

  4. Good on you, sweetie!!!