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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Love for Anakin pixs! Ani got some prezzies!

Anakin sniffing cards

Ani got some prezzies today! :) He got a pretty purple card & a wonderful drawing of himself from Cheyenne in Montana. He also got a lovely poem using the letters of his name from M. Hall in Indiana :) The poem says, Anakin, Adorable, Natural Beauty, Adventerous, Kitten, Inspiring, Nice, <3 Ani <3 Thank you so much to both of you! Of course Ani had to smell them both really good. Hehe!

Anakin & Trixie with prezzies

Anakin, Trixie, Pixie, Zoe, George & Buddy too got some awesome gifts from Jennifer, Christian & their fur crew from Arizona :D They got a beautiful butterfly card, 2 Boomerang Buddy Banana toys & some bones for Buddy :) Here's Trixie & Anakin trying not to look too excited about the new toys BUT they really were excited. They LOVE those Bananas! ;) Buddy has already finished his first bone too Thank you so much for these great gifts :)


  1. Hey, Anakin kittie. You are a sweetie. Are those nip 'nannas? The look kinda like them, but they look different than ones we get.

    We found out about you from Tomcat Commentary by Tim.

    More later. Billy White Shoes has spilled my ice tea (twice), stolen the roll of paper towels I keep by the computer, and knocked the mouse off the table and is trying to run off with the track ball. Bye...

    1. Hi! Yes, they are nip nannas :) Oh my sounds like you've got your hands full!

  2. it bee Christmas time !!!

    this wuz veree nice oh yur pals ta send ya stuff :)