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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Love for Anakin Photo ~ Cards Take 3

Anakin Two Legged Cat Cards & Letters from friends & fans

Here's Anakin sitting with another sweet batch of cards & letters! (Ani's looking at a set of beads my daughter is shaking) Like the others this group of cards & letters were also wonderful had some generous donations to help with Anakin's medical expenses. Big head bonks and purrs to.... Carolyn and The Rhodes Family both from California, Bradley from Canada, Sheila from Texas, Auntie LoLo from Pensacola, Sara from Montana, Dawn from Wisconsin, Mari from?, Cory & Cosmo from? and Jackie, Bear, Clem, Millie, Monk, Elvis, Forest & Hanna from Virginia ! :D I can't thank you all enough!! :)

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