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Friday, September 21, 2012

Love for Anakin Photos ~ Another lil group of Prezzies!

Anakin the two legged cat with presents

Prezzies! Anakin got some colorful mice from Ann from California! Ani & I also got some goodies & a cute tunnel from Bernadeth & Virgule from France! Thank you so much to all of you for these wonderful gifts for Anakin & my other cats :)

Anakin the two legged cat with presents

Prezzies... Anakin got a few more sweet packages of goodies! From Timothy, Zephyr & Raffy from Oregon ni got a wiggle worm, some glowing toy balls, and and a Elastomouse! They also sent our dog Buddy a Skinneeez! :) From Linda, Mary, Chuckie, Louis, Bella & Rapunzle from New Jersey, Ani got an awesome Flashing Firefly Mat & some fluffy mice. Thank you so much to all of you!! Anakin, Buddy & the other cats will have a blast with all of these :)


  1. You go dood! Wow you are a lucky amand loved kitty.
    We were reading about those kitties from long ago. Hiss to that bad farm mad. We do wonder what ever happened to them?

  2. Ani looks so proud and grateful for all his gifts! He's so adorable... Plenty to keep him and the others busy for a good while!! Lucky little kitties!!!

  3. Those pictures of Ani with the new toys are so cute! He really enjoys them! I just love that sweet face of his. How is his health now? I hope those parasites are gone, the infection is gone and that he is enjoying prime health. God Bless you Carrie for loving your pets and family as you do! Hugs, Kathy