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Thursday, September 20, 2012

New Photo ~ Two legged Cats 1909 & Ani on Life With Cats

1909 Postcard, A Pair of Two Legged Cats, Lincoln Park, Chicago,Ill

How interesting is this!! Could they be Anakin's long lost ancesters? I found this image on Google & couldn't find any other info about it other than it's a postcard from 1909 and the caption says A Pair Of Two Legged Cats, Lincoln Park, Chicago, ILL. The one on the right looks a lot like Anakin :) They even both stand like Ani does!! I hope to find more info about them somewhere online *fingers crossed* **Here's the Info!!

Anakin's newest video "Anakin Loves Da Bird!" on Life With Cats...
Anakin Loves Da Bird: Two Legged Cat Hops Like A Bunny


  1. It's so funny reading the terminology with which that article was written. I wonder if it was for real or some story someone concocted to draw attention or raise circulation of the paper. How funny would that be if Ani were some genealogical throwback to those cats, though?

  2. This is amazing! I do hope you're able to track down some information on these two kitties. Anakin's hair is obviously longer, but never the less the 3 of them are the same. I wonder if these kitties were also born this way. God love 'em all... any more that are out there sommewhere, perhaps alone and fending for themselves. Poor little souls.
    BTW, we lived in Panama City, just down the road from you, for 14 years. Have been to your city many times. God bless you, too, for caring for and loving your kitties, and especially little Ani.

  3. Dood that is really amazing. I really hope you do not mind not being the Only Ever Cat with 2 legs.
    You are the Cats Cat, Cat!
    Purrs from all of us! Pops too!

  4. I saw on You Tube a picture of a kitty from Canada with two hind legs and no front legs except little nubs. You can check it out where Anakin has his videos. To me, Ani is the best! Love you, boy! Kathy