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Monday, October 15, 2012

New Photo ~ Anakin & Pixie

Pixie & Anakin the two legged cat
Anakin plotting his next "attack" on Pixie. LOL! From the looks of this pix she has no idea it's coming as soon as she jumps down! It's not really an attack.... It's more like Anakin running up to Pixie.... Pixie running away.... Anakin chasing her some more.... Pixie running under the bed.... Anakin sits and waits for her gets bored and goes off to play with Trixie or George instead :) Pixie running & hiding does make Anakin feel purrrty big, bad & tough though. In other news, It was asked how Ani's UTI is after his meds. He's doing much better & no longer peeing on his bedding. I've started him on GNC Pets Ultra Mega Urinary Tract Support Gel once a day as a preventative and so far so good :)

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