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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New Video! Anakin & The Paper Bag!

Anakin loved the brown paper bag wrapping that came in the mail on his latest gift. (A Big Thank You to The Smith Family!) He played with that paper for days! Anakin hid inside the paper bag. He played on the paper attacking & biting it too. He plays just like any other kitten & is such a happy little guy! See this new video & all of Anakin's videos here, and please feel free to share this link with your family & friends :)


  1. another grate mewvie dood...we gives it 25 paws up...ya noe, yur tail bee sooooooper long ta helps ya balance yur bak sidez better :) hay, N nice werk on a tackin that nip nanner !!!

  2. We all LOVE a nice Paper Bag! Whee! And look how big and handsome you are getting Anakin! Wow! And that big bushy tail really gets going too.