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Friday, October 19, 2012

New Photo ~ Anakin, Trixie & Zoe... Dinner Time!

Anakin The Two legged Cat, Trixie & Zoe Dinner Time!
Anakin, Trixie & Zoe ready for dinner! I love how I caught Anakin on one foot in the first pix & how you can see his reflection in the fridge in the second pix :) Zoe doesn't like to have her picture taken very much. She's a grumpy old gal. She loves me but doesn't want much to do with any of the other cats. Anakin quickly learned to stay out of Zoe's way & she doesn't want to play with him ever! Trixie is really great with Anakin. She is the motherly type and loves to lick & clean all of the other cats (except for Zoe of course!) Funny how I ended up with three cats with such similar markings. Zoe is the oldest at 14 years old. We took her in as a stray when she was less that a year old. Trixie & Pixie are sisters and were feral cats that I rescued from my dad's work 2 years ago. So they very well could be related to Anakin since he came from the same feral group.


  1. My first thought that the markings are so similar! Could very well be family! They all are so pretty! Anakin is really small still. Happy Birthday, Ani! Carrie, the photo of you and Ani is beautiful! Love it! What a blessing you are to those wonderful kitties! How's George? He wasn't in the picture. Hugs and purrs, Kathy

    1. Thanks Kathy! :) George is doing good. We are working on making him an indoor only cat. So far it's been really rough but he'setting used to the idea slowly.