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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Anakin Update!

Ankain had a good afternoon and night but still has not pooped yet. At his vet check up this morning, the vet thought his behind looked really good. She said she didn't expect it to look this good for a few more days. She is not concerned that he hasn't pooped yet either. She said since he was cleaned out so well on Tuesday afternoon and has been eating less than normal of his food & it's low bulk food he just doesn't have any wasted yet. She did feel a small amount a little ways up in his intestines so he may have to go sometime today. If he does poop and has no problem with it that's wonderful BUT if he starts straining at all or it starts to look like it's bulging at all back there I am to bring him back. Since I live 5 minutes away I can get him there quickly. We are weaning him off of his pain meds. He only had one 1/2 dose yesterday. The pain med makes him really wired for a few hours. He gets giant saucer pupil eyes and just wants to play like a crazy kitten! I am hopeful that Anakin is going to have another good day! *fingers & toes crossed* I will keep you all posted. Thank you so much for your love and support! Here’s Ani relaxing in his chair this morning. He looks like he’s feeling much better doesn’t he.

Anakin The Two legged Cat relaxing after rectal prolapse surgery


  1. Hang in there little guy. Mom is taking good care of you and we are all on your side. Get well soon.

  2. You look so much better today,keep it up Ani x

  3. Awww, sweet baby boy - hang tight. There's a lot of healing love being sent your way!

  4. He is looking better,hope he's on the mend now and has no more and hugs from me and Murphy cat!x x