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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Love for Anakin Photos ~ Some new Prezzies!

presents for Anakin the two legged cat

Ani says, there's nothing like getting some prezzies when you've been feeling down! Look at these wonderful gift that Anakin got :) The top two pixs: From Corrinne, Eric, Chuck, Juggy & Teddy in New Jersey ~ Ani got some great toy mice, some yummy bonito flakes & a very sweet letter :) Trixie even had to come check out the prezzies! She goes where the treats are LOL! Thank you Sooooo Much! The bottom two pixs: From Amanda in Australia ~ Anakin got an awesome pull toy mouse that runs around in a circle, some Skitter Critters catnip mice, Fancy feast Royale & a sweet note with kisses & hugs :) Thank you for these amazing kitty gifts Amanda!! Anakin & I send our love to you all! Wow from New Jersey to Australia all in one pix! You guys are all too sweet!

1 comment:

  1. Such a doll! And a brave little guy at that!