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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Anakin's Emergency Vet Trip

Anakin wearing the cone of shame after his rectal prolapse surgery

Did you miss lil Anakin yesterday? I'm sorry I was unable to post. I’m so sad to report that Anakin's rectal prolapse came back with a vengeance! :( Anakin came down with diarrhea on Friday which caused his rectal prolapse to come back out. We took him to the emergency vet early Saturday morning. It was the same wonderful vet & tech we saw the last time we brought Ani there in June. Anakin was hospitalized and had surgery Saturday night to fix the rectal prolapse. He had blood work done, was tested for Parasites and given fluids and pain meds. Anakin's blood work came back perfect. It confirmed that his kidneys, liver & other organs tested are all functioning normally. Anakin's Parasite exam came back showing he is infected with Giardia. The vet, her tech & I were all very happy that Ani did have a parasite that would cause the diarrhea, which in turn would cause the prolapse to reoccur. Anakin has started taking Panacur to get rid of the Giardia parasite. They think he may of had this parasite all along while living in the feral community and it had been dormant in his intestines until now. Just to be on the safe side I got medication for all of my cats for this parasite. I don't want them catching it from Ani or if they already have it, I want it gone. Anakin stayed overnight at the vet for observation. I called many times & checked on him. He was always doing great, & even purring for everyone. I was worried sick about Ani and didn't sleep well while he was gone. I'm better now that he’s home & doing well.  I picked Anakin up this morning (Sunday, Aug 12th) and so far so good.  Ani has to wear “the cone of shame” & he hates it. For over an hour, Ani rolled around fighting with the cone, trying to get it off. He finally relaxed and is resting comfortably in the bathroom. I have his pain meds & Giardia meds to give him here. He is back on the A/D Critical care food for a while again & I will be taking him to our normal vet first thing Monday morning to be checked over, making sure his stitches are OK. Here's a few photos of Ani in “the cone of shame”. And Yes, everyone at the Emergency Animal Hospital fell in love with our Ani! :)


  1. So sorry to hear of Ani's troubles. My furry lady (canine variety) sends a soft but hearty "woof!" to Ani.

    Fingers crossed for quick recovery of Ani and mom.

    @WarpdEldAtYrSvc on Twitter

  2. Hope he get better soon :)

  3. Poor little Anni! I hope he gets better quickly! Love and prayers for a speedy recovery!

  4. Poor little Ani. I hope he will be soon OK. Take care of him he is sooo cute !

  5. oh Carrie,that's sorry to hear Ani's been ill but glad he's home now and they've found out what caused the wonder you were worried sick,it's a terrible feeling when you have to leave them at vets even though you know you've got to...Hope he gets used to the collar,they usually do quite quickly.
    Thinking of you and your family as i know how much you all love him.
    Big hugs to special little Ani x x

  6. whoa..small dood...sorree ya hada bad week oh end but veree glad yur on de road ta ree coveree...just dont go sew fast ya get a speedin ticket :)

    we noe yur mom bee worried like a crazed purrson while ewe were gone but itz good ta noe yur were in grate hands

    de blessings oh st francis two ewe ani N we hope de stooooooooooopid para site goez away N stays away like for EVER

    peace out N rock on...

  7. We are all puraying for our little pal. Very scary stuff having emergency surgery. Now our Rumpy Bump had problems with loose stools. Lucky it was not any parasite or infection that we could find. He still had a real problem until we switched to home made food for about half our meals. Only a week or so and no more problem. Our Elders constipation cleared up too. We get cooked chicken meals that Pop makes and are on my Blog. Justa thought for your little guy. Purrs.

  8. Poor Anakin. I'm so glad to read that he is getting better and that the diarrhea was caused by the Giardia and not a more serious problem.
    I hope he's back to his adorable old self in no time!

  9. I was gone all weekend and look what happens! Sweet little guy - I feel so sad for him! I would've been worried sick too so I guess I'm glad I didn't read this until now when it's all over. I've never had to put a cat in the cone of shame!! I'm so glad he is doing better, though. That cone will be off before you know it! I bet you'll have great stories of Ani in his cone! I also hope your other kitties don't catch the parasite! I'll be thinking of you guys this week.

  10. Carrie, I am praying big time for little Ani and am so proud of him doing so well now. Giardia is a mean little beast and glad you're getting rid of it! The whold world is in love with Ani, and his courage and loving ways as well as his beauty, so I know prayers are coming to him from all over. My calico cat Callie sends purrs and wet nose kisses to Ani. Keep us updated, okay? Hugs to

  11. Oh Anakin.... poor little Ani... I am very saddened to learn that you are sick : Virgule and I do you full of hugs France

  12. Mis mejores deseos para Ani, y para ti. Saludos!