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Monday, August 13, 2012

Update on Anakin!

First I want to say Thank You so much to all of you for the outpouring of love, well wishes and support for Anakin. You guys really are the best! Anakin is feeling much better today & wanting to play. I’m trying to keep him from being too active. I took Anakin to our vet this morning. He is doing fine and his stitches look perfect. He has adapted to the cone and it no longer upsets him. Last night while wearing the cone Ani was making "Happy feet" like crazy on my son's bed :) Depending on how Ani is doing the stitches will come out in 2-7 days. In June when he had this same surgery by 4 days his behind swelled shut.  I sure hope that doesn't happen again! We started Ani on a Probiotic to replace bacteria lost due to the diarrhea. I'm happy to report Ani did poop this afternoon. Yay! I also talked to our vet about Ani's pee issues & getting him neutered. As of today Ani's testicles have not dropped and he could be 6 months old before they do. Once Ani is 6 months old and still no visible testicles, the vet will do an ultrasound to see if they are inside or if they are completely absent. I've read that the absence of testicles and/or the neutering at too young of an age can cause the narrowing of the urethra. Since Ani continues to have pee issues and takes a long time to complete urination, he most likely has a narrow urethra.  To deal with this condition we continue doing what we have been, keeping him on wet food only and making sure the food has extra water mixed in it so he stays well hydrated and of course make sure he is urinating regularly. A few questions came up in the comments and I'd like to answer them..........Where did Ani get Giardia?: The vets & techs all thinks Ani already had this parasite inside of him when I first brought him home. It was dormant and couldn't be detected until it showed itself now. What Water does Ani drink?:  All of my pets drink filtered water from my refrigerator, no tap water. Why Panacur?: The emergency vet decided that would be best for Anakin to treat the Giardia.  My vet agreed & I've read many places online that that is the best choice medication for kittens of Anakin's size to take for this parasite & we will see how it goes. Hopefully it will work & I will keep you all posted! Thank you all again for your continued support and well wishes for Ani and me!!  Love you guys! :)


  1. With all my love, and good luck! Antonia

  2. Thank you so much for keeping all us people out in internet-land up to date on Anakin's condition!

  3. Great News!
    I think that he is doing so well due to the secret healing ingredient, Love!
    Praying for you and Mom!
    Tim and Family

  4. this bee grate news small dood even IF ya gotta wear de cone a bit mor...think of it kinda like a ice creem cone...ora better yet a nice trout scarf...hay speekin oh gravy, may bee yur mom could GET ewe sum sumtime...they trooly make a gravee just for cats..that'll help sum with keepin ya hydrated two.....


  5. Poor little guy. It makes me think about my moms friend found a dog who is in seriously bad shape. His names Pigpen. If you wanna donate some money to pay for his vet bills, go to I'll warn you it's the most saddest and most horrendous sight I've ever seen. P.S. thanks for the follow!

  6. Small Ani I just read again with your news, I am pleased to know that you're going better, full of kisses, caresses, tenderness and hugs.