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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Anakin &Isaac update

Anakin is still doing good. We have had lots of wind and rain from Isaac and lost our power about an hour ago. We are all fine though. Thank you all so much for the well wishes :)

*Update Thanks everyone! :) The power is back on :D Yay!


  1. Hang in there Carrie & Ani. Keep your heads high. i know having no power is not fun. Sorry. Hope you guys fare ok in the storm. God Speed to all there in the path. Frank.

  2. Been keeping track of Isaac on the weather. Sounds rough, hopefully not as disastrous as Katrina was. Praying all is high and dry for you and your critters.

  3. Glad you all are okay, including Anakin! Hope everyone is safe, well and comfortable. Thanks for the Anakin updates!

  4. I'm a retired Navy Parachute Rigger. We held our 2005 biennial reunion September of that year. I decided not to attend due to all of the tropical storms at that time. We're going to have our 2013 reunion in Pensacola, and have (wisely, I think) decided that May will be better, this time.