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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Love for Anakin Pixs! Prezzies!

Anakin The Two legged cat Presents!
Prezzies! Anakin got this gorgeous blanket & Kitty Treats. I got a cute little kitty notepad & the Cat Daddy book :) How cool is that! There are from Gaby & Andrea from California :) Thank you soooo much to both of you!! Ani LOVES the blanket & I love it all!


  1. total lee awesum buddy; enjoy yur treets; fight yur fav rite chair then haza grate snooze on yur blanket....way kewl of gaby N andrea ta sendz ewe this awesum bag oh good s!!

    1. Yep, That's exactly what Ani will do LOL! :) Anakin has some awesome friends!!