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Monday, August 27, 2012

Quick Anakin Update & Hurricane Isaac

 He's still doing great! The vet was very please with how everything looked this morning. He has gained some weight since the last time he was weighed too. Ani now weighs a whopping 3.01 pounds :) Due to his weight gain he is on a little bit higher dose of the Panacur to treat the Giardia and will be taking it for 10 days this time. We are just taking it easy this week since I am still trying to get well from my cold. Also a few of you asked if we are near Hurricane Isaac, yes we are in the Hurricane warning area (Pensacola, FL) but it shouldn't be bad here at all. Just some strong winds and a lot of rain. We are not in a flood area, we have everything we need & will be just fine :) Thank you again for all you love & support! :)


  1. dood !!!

    301. pounds !!! ???? what cha been eatin buddy .....

    ooooops....decimal iz in de wrong place

    3.01 pounds !!!...dood, ewe knead ta beef up sum ;)

  2. Hello Anakin and family ;-)
    You think very hard with hurricane coming, mind you, although friendly to France Virgule & Bernadeth