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Sunday, August 26, 2012

New Photos Anakin's New Toys & Update

Anakin's new toys & wearing his cone
Anakin is still doing great. Actually tonight he just had his first poop since Friday & it was fine. Everything is still inside :) Also the cone doesn't even bother him at all anymore. Here's my Lil Man with some new toys we picked up for him yesterday :) He loves the little tunnel! We go to the vet for a check up in the morning. I'll keep you all posted.


  1. whoa...buddy......we hope thatz knot....

    da burd


    1. LOL Nope that one isn't Da Bird BUT we've got Da Bird & Ani & all my other cats LOVE it! :)

  2. My mummy thinks you are the most beautiful kitty she has ever seen :) And me does too! We wish you and your family health and happiness always :) What a special little guy you are X x x
    With love from Tazo The Tat @fathertazo