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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Anakin's Business Card & Parasite Test Update

Anakin The Two legged Cat Business Card

I'm very happy to report that Anakin's parasite test from the lab came back all negative! However, I will be getting him checked regularly just to make sure he's still parasite free & stays that way. I also wanted to share the business cards I made up for Anakin. I think they came out really cute! They have all the info I wanted on them and best of all share Anakin's message to support the rescue & adoption of special needs pets :) I hope you guys like them! I've been including them with all my art orders and thank you cards as well as giving them out here & there around town if Ani comes up in conversation :)


  1. small dood; we bee happee ewe bee parasitez free N yur cards are rockin...ewe did a grate job on them..ewe noe yur mom's passin em out all over towne; ewe better charge her !!

  2. So glad to hear the good news that the little feller is parasite-free! Love the business cards! Love Ani, and you also, for giving this little guy a better life, keeping him safe, and loving him as you do!!

  3. I love the cards!!! Glad I have one of my own now.

  4. Yippie! Ani's okay! Good for you, sweet boy! Love both cards, I am really enjoying Ani's mousepad I bought. This will last a lifetime! Hugs, Kathy