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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Anakin on & Parasite Test Update

Ani on the website :)
*In other News, Anakin had a second parasite exam yesterday which I thought had come back clean since the didn't call me yesterday. BUT instead something on the parasite test they did there in the vet office was questionable so the sent it off to the lab for more in depth testing and I will get the results tomorrow. *Paws Crossed" it's all clean & no more parasite buggies!! I'll keep you all posted.


  1. Oh my, I'm praying for the little guy... hope he can shake all this, and be the healthy little angel he deserves to be. Also, hopeing his momma is found. Poor thing. We captured a feral momma and her 2 day old baby, 3 years ago this past June. She came carrying him in her mouth one night, to the food and water bowls we put out for the homeless kitties at the resort apt. complex we were temporarily living in while in Biloxi MS (Keesler AFB). Baby is now a 16 pounder! Momma took about 6 months before she trusted me enough to let me pet her. I did have her spayed when baby was about 8 weeks old, she was negative for feline leukemia, but positive for heartworm :o( The vet there in Biloxi said it's fatal, but if they make it past 3 years, that's a good sign. She was never outside again, after we captured her with the baby... and it's been over 3 years since that 'night'. I always worry about her, but she so far is fine. She's a sweet little gal, and trust me pretty much for the most part. She sleeps with me, so guess that's a good sign. Back to Ani... I do hope so that he will be all well soon.

  2. What a nice article!! I hope you get more donations for the little guy's expenses. I love watching that video of him -- he was so little!!

  3. Yikes! Prayers are being said! If positive, maybe the next treatment will be the last. You were right about there being many treatments to get rid of this nasty Giardia! Love to the beautiful boy! Kathy

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