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Monday, September 10, 2012

New Photos ~ Sun Time & Napping Ani

Ani the two legged cat hanging out on his steps in the front window

Ani hanging out on his steps in the front window :) The sun was pretty bright so it's a little washed out. I like the washed out look though for a different kind of photo look.

Anakin the two legged cat napping in the new Hidey-hole Bed

Anakin napping in the new Hidey-hole Bed after a long play time with Trixie & George attacking Da Bird! If you don't have Da Bird for your cats I highly recommend it :) It's become my cats’ favorite toy! Ani just loves it! I'll get some video of him playing with it to post. He even hops off the ground to catch it! Yes, both feet off the ground hopping in the air! :) He really surprised me the first time I saw him jumping like that. There really is nothing Anakin can't do!


  1. Ani's face in the bottom picture says, "Ah, life is good!" He is one Happy Cat!

  2. seer ee iz lee buddy...knot da BURD !!!! ????

  3. He has the most beautiful little face!

  4. So adorable!!! He's a happy boy!!