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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Love for Anakin Photos ~ Another batch of prezzies!

Anakin the two legged cat with presents!
Anakin, Trixie, Pixie, Zoe & George got another lovely group of prezzies! (Disclaimer ~ Some of these may be a little mixed up & in the wrong photo because Anakin & Trixie couldn't wait till I took photos to play with the new goodies and had a bunch of them pulled out all over the table! Ooops!) So I want to a send giant Thank you for all of these super toys, treats & goodies too.... (Top Pix) Cathy from Georgia, (Bottom Left) Frank, PJ & Big Momma from North Carolina, Tony, Bagheera & Jacey from California, (Bottom Right) Jason, Stephanie, Josie & Ozzie from Canada! Xoxoxo The kitties are Loving all of these great gifts!! Thank you all sooooo much!! :D


  1. It is so heart warming to see the love from pet lovers everywhere for you and your family and Anakin!! It is also kind of you to take time to take photos and mention each person by name! This has to be a full time job for you! But how rewarding. I feel put to shame - I need to send more gifts! Love and kisses from my felines to yours. Sara

  2. Oh Ani, those wonderful people are so good to you and love you so much! What a sweet baby you are! I hope you are feeling so much better from that infection! Love, hugs, and prayers, Kathy

  3. Oh wow - THANK YOU everyone who gave Anakin and his family such awesome gifts. Wow they are just amazing * thankful hugs *