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Friday, September 28, 2012

New Photo! Ani Up High & Vet Visit Today

Anakin the two legged cat on top of the cat condo
Anakin sleeping up on top of the Cat Condo :) He loves to be up there on one of those high perches. Ani had a trip to the vet today. He had started peeing on his bedding again this week. Turns out he has another UTI. This may be an on going issue for him but one that can be easily dealt with. I know the signs of his UTI's and what to look for so I can get him checked and treated as needed. So we've started Ani on an antibiotic and probiotic to clear up the UTI and he should be all better again soon. Also he's still doing great with everything else. I am still slowly switching his AD Critical Care Canned food over to Wellness Core canned food. He is up to 3/4 of the Wellness and only 1/4 of the AD food now :) His weight today was 3 pounds 15 ounces too! Just one ounce shy of 4 pounds. His weight is just right and he is growing just like he should. Edited to add... His next video will be him climbing this cat condo! He climbs to the top & down like a pro!


  1. Aw, poor Ani! Thank goodness it can be easily corrected. I used to have a chronic UTI years ago, and now it is seldom. I don't know if cats suffer from the pain or not, but it sure did hurt along with symptoms of high fever, chills as well as the constant need to go to the bathroom. Hope to see that new video soon! I bet that will be good! Hugs, Kathy

  2. I am envious of that cat condo!! It looks awesome. My cats have one but I think yours would be even cooler!! I love seeing that little guy -- and he climbs to the top! I love it. He doesn't let anything stop him. I'm so sad he has UTIs and this could be an ongoing issue for him. As if he doesn't have enough of a challenge in life! But he has you to take care of him and sounds like he gives you a good clue as to when he's having one (not fun tho but at least he isn't peeing on your carpet or something!) He's a special little guy!!! Thanks for always keeping us up to date on him. Sara

    1. Thank you Sara! The condo was actually pretty cheap! Check out they have over 150 to pick from many at very good prices ;)