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Monday, September 24, 2012

New Photo ~ Sleeping Anakin

Sweet Sleepin Anakin! Ani the two legged cat

Sweet Sleeping Anakin. He looks so peaceful when he sleeps. I love his litle ear tuffs. We lost Anakin's Great Grandma Hawks today. Anakin was lucky enough to get to meet her when she came for a visit back in July. We will all miss her so much :( Rest In Peace Grandma Hawks. We love you!


  1. sorree ta lurn bout yur grate gram maw anakin....

  2. My condolences

  3. Yes, he is the sweetest sleeping little angel. Precious little Ani. God love him! So sorry to hear the loss of grandma. :o( It's so sad to lose any animal.

  4. My kitties have the ear tuffs too. He is so adorable!!! Give him kisses from me!!

  5. Carrie, I am so sorry for your loss of your granmother! What a blessing you all were able to be with her last July. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Ani looks just a beautiful sleeping as awake. He is one gorgeous kitty! God Bless you! Hugs, Kathy

  6. Rest in peace, Great Granma Hawks.

    Regarding Giardia -- we thought my cats had it, kept recurring -- but no, it wasn't really Giardia, or if that was also the case, the treatments for Giardia didn't resolve the issue (so many metronidazole doses! ugh!)

    Finally lucked into a vet that wondered if it might be T.Foetus ( ... yup! Looks the same as Giardia on the microscope, and goes away for a week or two after the Giardia treatment ..... but then it comes back. Poor little kitties :(

    T.Foetus has a special protein test thing that your vet can look into, if Ani isn't staying healed, gut-wise.

    After all that, one ended up with constipation (can't win for losing) and Vitality Science's "Easy Go" for cats works great, food based sprinkle, and can be dosed every day. Totally fixes that cat's issue.

    Best of luck!