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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Love for Anakin Photos! New Pet Stroller!

Anakin & George in the Pet Stroller

nakin, George, Trixie & Zoe in the Pet stroller
Look at the amazing pet stroller Anakin, Trixie, Pixie, Zoe & George got from Michele & Kristy!! Thank you sooooooo much to both of you!! How awesome is this stroller! It's plenty big enough for me to put 2 or 3 of our cats in together and go for a stroll around the block :) All of the cats were really interested in the "giant box" when it got here. All of them were sniffing and climbing on it. Once put together Anakin & Trixie were the first to check it out. Trixie wanted to nap inside of it. Ani was climbing the outside of the stroller to sit on the very top of it! (Giving Mama a heart attack!!) I took George and Anakin outside in the stroller first. Anakin wasn't so sure about it all, sniffing and ears back. He even climbed the inside mesh too! We didn't go far just around out cul-de-sac and in the front yard for a while. Ani did finally relax and enjoy looking around. Next we put Trixie and Zoe in and took them just out in the front yard for a bit. LOL! I have never seen Trixie's eyes get so big! I think they both liked it though. Pixie is going to take a little more time. Right now she will barely come near the stroller & definitely isn't ready to be inside of it. Baby steps with sweet Pixie! I'm really looking forward to taking Anakin & the others for walks now that the weather is getting cooler :)


  1. Thats awesome ;) Didnt know they made those things. I just hope Ani doesn't get the wanderlust to escape, Mimi, one of mine was a total escape artist when she was little and supposed to be kept inside.

  2. this bee one awesum vehicle anakin...just think of de places ewe can go; just dont get a speedin ticket !!! that wuz WAY kewl o michele N kristy ta sends yur familee this


  3. Awww... such a lovely gift! We have one, but I rarely take my kitties outside in it, guess I don't want them to become too curious about 'outside'. As it is right now, none of them are even interested in trying to slip out the door when they are opened and closed briefly... Just afraid for them to get too curious about what's out there. So our stroller hasn't gotten much use. I think it's so cute though that your fur babies are enjoying it, just getting in and out, and even napping in it. Mine do that too, but that's as far as they go ha ha!! Am I protective, or what!!!

  4. How great is this! I never knew they had such things as a pet stoller! When all the kitties are used to it, they will all love it! Even Pixie! This is such a nice way for them to experience the outdoors without worrying about them. Great photos! Anakin is definitely a climber and nothing will prevent him from doing his thing! Love that little boy! Kathy