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Monday, July 23, 2012

Anakin's vet check up today

Anakin had another checkup at the vet today. He's getting to know that place now LOL! He was not thrilled at all to be there & was hissing at the the ladies too! I'm happy to report he is still doing great! He's up to 2 pounds 9 ounces and is right on track with his body size and how it feels. He got his last kitten shot and a rabies shot today too. Ani's vet says she usual puts one of the shots in the cat's back hip but since Ani doesn't have any he had to have both of his shots in his shoulders. Poor baby, he's been a little sore this afternoon from the shots and wanting to rest a little more. Hopefully tomorrow he'll be back to his normal playful self! Ani's vet also said that it looks like he's about to start losing some of his baby teeth too. I thought he acted like he was teething. He’s been wanting to gnaw on some of his toys and has wanted to bite more lately. His teeth must be sore. Anakin had another test for worms too and that was all negative this time Yay! We talked about when Ani's next visit will be. I am to bring him back in a little over a month. He'll be about 5 months old then. We'll seen how he's doing and make sure he is still on track with everything and I'll find out when he will be able to get neutered. So yep, Ani had another good visit at the vet! Yay!


  1. I am so very happy to hear about the vet visit. Poor little guy with the shots. :-( I hate it when I have to take my babies in for anything. Gads, they HATE the place.

    I am eager for my catnip to get dried out so that I can send some to Ani and his siblings. I don't know if it is because it is organic or what, but all the neighborhood cats sure love the stuff.

    1. Yeah, the shots did bother him this time. My other cats really hate the vet. They scatter when ever I bring a cat carrier in the house from the garage! Ani's much better today though. Yay! We are looking forward to the cat nip! Take you time though. We aren't going anywhere ;D

  2. Glad that Ani is coming along nicely! He is so lucky to have you.