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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Love for Anakin Photos! Ani got some prezzies in the mail.

Anakin Two Legged Cat Postcard presnet from Belgium

Anakin got a cute kitty postcard in the mail today all the way from Belgium! Ani looks so proud in the first pix LOL! Then goes on to chew on the end of the card LOL! Thank you so much Auntie Linda!! :D

Anakin Two Legged Cat Ring Toys & catnip from Ray, Dudley & Bo

Anakin got some new toys in the mail today! :) Thank you so much to Ray, Bo & Dudley for the awesome toy rings & catnip! (That's Bo & Dudley cuddling in the photo behind Ani) I couldn't get a good pix of Ani with the rings. He was having way too much fun playing with them. Trixie, Pixie & George also like the rings too :)
Anakin Two Legged Cat crochet blanket and kitty card

Anakin got a beautiful crochet blanket & sweet kitty card in the mail today from Julie in Washington :) It's just purrfect and Ani really loves it! Thank you so much Julie!! :)


  1. OOOOOOH!! So glad Anakin got my kitties card!!! Love the photos!! Big big hugs from your Auntie Linda, sweetie!!!

    1. Yes, you can see he4 LOVED the card :) Thanks again Linda! xoxo

    2. Linda, Can you email your address to me? I want to send you a thank you but I can't quite read the whole address on your envelope.