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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New Photos! Anakin in the Kitty Tower

Here's Anakin sitting in the Kitty Tower! How he gets up there is quite amazing! :) He climbs up the Kitty Condo (the carpeted cylinder with 2 openings to the left) & gets on top of it then goes across to the Tower! I've made him makeshift steps on the right side of the Tower now too. So he can go up or down to the Tower either way. He also goes to the top step and gets into the desk chair I have near the tower. I was so surprised the first time he climbed the Condo though. It's quite something just how strong his front legs are. I have a video of him doing this climb & I will be posting it tomorrow.  I know the Kitty tower looks a little rough. I'm planning to get a big tall carpeted Cat Tower to go there. One with lots of ramps for Anakin. I know all my cats will love it & I will too since it will be right by where I paint :)

Anakin in the Kitty Tower, Miracle Cat

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