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Thursday, July 26, 2012

New Video! Anakin Climbs the Kitty Condo!

Anakin has become quite a climber! Here's Ani climbing up the Kitty Condo & Tower. He also climbs over into the chair & up the steps to the window. The whole time I'm watching him I hear the theme song from the movie Rocky! The Trumpet starts... da da daaaaa da da daaaaa ....Trying hard now... Getting strong now... Gonna fly now.... I was so surprised the first time he climbed the Condo. It's quite something just how strong his front legs are. Anakin is such an Amazing little cat! :)


  1. That kitty will be the arnie of the cat world when he's older. It's good to see him move like he has four legs even though he is only a biped

  2. Wow, look at him go! Get that chair button, Ani! And I just love his little ear fluffs!

  3. I love seeing how he is progressing! You can't keep a kitten down no matter what!! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Amazing!! Sweet baby!!

  5. The little kitty has a nice condo place. Nice to see kitten playing like that too. :)

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