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Monday, July 9, 2012

Anakin's Vet visit this morning....

I took Anakin to the vet the vet this morning for another deworming. Little Ani weighs just over 2 pounds now and is doing great! His little booty looks like an normal kitten's should and will hopefully stay that way. She was happy with the weight he has gained since he has been underweight for his age. We are continuing with his current diet & still adding Nutracal, pureed pumpkin & Cat Lax to his food. Ani goes back to the vet in about 2 weeks for his next shots. Anakin is making "happy feet" on my lap as I type this :) It's almost lunch time for him.


  1. Very glad his visit to the doctor went so well. I am curious about his diet especially the pureed pumpkin. Is that ordered by the doctor or something you are doing on your own? I have never heard of this being used for cat nutrition. What are the benefits from the pumpkin? And when you say he is making "happy feet" is that what I have always heard called "pitty-patting", "kneading" or "making biscuits"? Thank you for your answers. Love to Ani!

    1. The pumpkin was suggest by many people on Anakin's Facebook page. So I read up on it and asked his vet about it. She thought it would be great for him. The fiber in pureed pumpkin flesh works the same way as a fiber product for humans would. In Ani's case I don't want him on a fiber medicine like metamucil so the pumpkin is a perfect natural choice for him. Yes, happy feet is making biscuits. He loves to knead! :) Thank you David.

  2. When one of my older cats was ill, I also heard about feeding them pureed pumpkin. I never did try that (I used baby food instead). I will keep it in mind for future elderly kitties though. Glad Ani has you keeping him in good health.