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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A note from Anakin's Grandmother (my mom)

Anakin's Grandmother here! I went to pick up my granddaughter for her gymnastics class and I went early so I would have time to visit with Ani. I forgot my camera AGAIN! I know, threes the charm, so next time I have to remember! Ani was in go-to-town play mode and wouldn't stop for nothing. He is feeling so much better since he has been pooping out those awful worms. Nasty things! Poor little guy. And I did get to see for myself how he uses the litter box. He had one leg forward a little and the other one a little to the back and he lifts the backend up and goes. Just like all the other kitties out there. He even grunts a little. I know, too much information! Or not, for some of you that are interested in these things. I watched Ani play and I could tell he had grown more then I thought when he would sit under the chair. I remember in an early video of him in the hallway and he was under the chair the rail was over his head. Now his head is over the rail. His front legs are getting very long and he is still walking around just fine. If we can just rid his cute little body of those pesty worms, the little man will be on his way to a healthy life!


  1. Isn't he just the sweetest!! Soooo glad he's got rid of those nasty worms!! A big hug from black tomcat Mika and me from the land of the Belgians!!!

    1. Thank you :) Me too worms are soooo gross!! Aww, Hugs back to you and Mika too!!